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Mobile/Tablet Browser Version Market Share
December, 2014
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Market Share of Safari 8.0 Safari 8.018.85%
Market Share of Android Browser 4.0 Android Browser 4.016.23%
Market Share of Safari 7.0 Safari 7.012.09%
Market Share of Chrome 39.0 Chrome 39.011.43%
Market Share of Safari 600 Safari 6004.23%
Market Share of Chrome 28.0 Chrome 28.04.16%
Market Share of Safari 9537 Safari 95372.50%
Market Share of Opera Mini 7.5 Opera Mini 7.52.50%
Market Share of Chrome 30.0 Chrome 30.02.15%
Market Share of Safari 6.0 Safari 6.01.83%
Market Share of Opera Mini 7.6 Opera Mini 7.61.72%
Market Share of Opera Mini 4.2 Opera Mini 4.21.56%
Market Share of Safari 5.1 Safari 5.11.23%
Market Share of Safari 537 Safari 5371.18%
Market Share of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 Mobile Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 Mobile1.10%
Market Share of Opera Mini 8.0 Opera Mini 8.01.03%
Market Share of Chrome 38.0 Chrome 38.00.92%
Market Share of Chrome 34.0 Chrome 34.00.92%
Proprietary or Undetectable0.91%
Market Share of Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 Mobile Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 Mobile0.91%
Proprietary or Undetectable0.90%
Market Share of Chrome 37.0 Chrome 37.00.89%
Market Share of Chrome 18.0 Chrome 18.00.80%
Market Share of UC Browser UC Browser0.71%
Market Share of Opera Mini 4.1 Opera Mini 4.10.62%
Market Share of Chrome 33.0 Chrome 33.00.59%
Market Share of Opera Mini 4.5 Opera Mini 4.50.49%
Market Share of Chrome 35.0 Chrome 35.00.45%
Market Share of Firefox 34 Firefox 340.44%
Market Share of Safari 10.2 Safari 10.20.42%
Market Share of Chrome 31.0 Chrome 31.00.40%
Market Share of Safari 5.0 Safari 5.00.36%
Market Share of Chrome 36.0 Chrome 36.00.35%
Market Share of Opera Mini 7.0 Opera Mini 7.00.31%
Market Share of Safari 8536 Safari 85360.30%
Market Share of Opera Mini 7.1 Opera Mini 7.10.30%
Market Share of Chrome 26.0 Chrome 26.00.29%
Market Share of BlackBerry BlackBerry0.27%
Market Share of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 Mobile Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 Mobile0.25%
Market Share of Safari 4.0 Safari 4.00.24%

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